San Francisco


This blog post is wayyy overdue, but our family took a vacation to FL and it was nice to just relax and take a break! Yay!

My cute friend, Emma and I had been planning a day trip to San Francisco forEVER so it felt… Things kept coming up and we had to push back our date a few times, thankfully I believe it was for the best because the day we went it was PERFECT. It was sunshine galore and the day went so smooth, we were both so happy! We found some cute places for drinks and snacks and even found a bomb taco joint in North Shore! We ended up taking some cute pics of each other at Baker Beach, my favorite beach in SF before heading home and drinking coffee and turning up the tunes from the 90’s. Why is it so fun to use hand motions when singing songs in the car from our childhood?? :p

It is nice to take time for yourself and have random fun sometimes! Cheers! (@Emmawynnpaul, go follow this wonderful soul)


PARKER Potrero - Cozy, all-day Californian corner spot for small bites, smoothies & wine in airy digs with big views.

(1399 18th St, San Francisco)

TACOLICIOUS - Tacos, small plates & and adult beverages are popular here! Fun and upbeat.

(2250 Chestnut St, San Francisco)

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