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Valentine's Day W/ My Guy

^ Colton letting me be   me   and setting up a “picture perfect” post for Valentine’s Day. hehe.

^ Colton letting me be me and setting up a “picture perfect” post for Valentine’s Day. hehe.

Happy LOVE day, the day where people are either excited about another date night out and celebrating their love or those who “hate it” and want the whole world to know it (insert big eye emoji!) Eeeeek. Well… for us it is an extra day where my guy and I get to spoil one another just because and we love it. We find little ways to celebrate one another all the time and I think it is the best thing ever. Why not find every possible way to be extra cheesy for no reason other than to be yourselves and remember the reason you fell in love.

Colton is the sweetest and sent me to the Atlantis Spa all morning until he got off work and then made me the yummiest meal for dinner. His cooking skills are pretty spectacular! I’m a lucky girl that he enjoys making me dinner and throws in my favorite flavors and dishes!

Colton and I have been married for 10 months this February and marriage is like THE BEST THING EVER! I love you babe.

P.S. Thanks for dinner.



"We love because he first loved us. "

1 John 4:19


Snow on your doorstep


Hello friends,

Happy Sunday… if you look outside you might be surprised to find massive amount of snow at your doorstep. Many times you will find me complaining about the snow, but Colton is quick to remind me of the beauty it brings and all the benefits to the Earth (oh bless his sweet heart).

We have gone out a few times in the middle of the night and just stood and took in the silent snow falling from the sky. I think little things like that is cute and it’s even cuter when he recommends doing things like that :p

Well this morning when we were getting ready I had the genius idea of going outside and taking photos with my guy, so we made a latte and then made some cute-ness in the snow. The results are below >.<


Thanks babe for being my best friend, you truly make life more fun!