The Shevch Wedding


This was the very first Ukrainian wedding I have ever done, and I really hope I get to do more! Really truly, it was one of the most fun, upbeat crowd I have been around at the reception! Makes for good photos too ;)

Oh Jenny and Ivan were such a treat to be able to photograph, so easy going and kind. Everything about this day as beautiful! The wedding ceremony was held at the giant St. Francis Church in Sacramento. The reception was at Croatian-American Cultural Center, it was a beautiful reception location to hold a large guest count like they had. 

One of my favorite memories from this day would be how kind and helpful the wedding party was. Soooo thankful, let me say that again SOOO THANKFUL when the wedding party is there to help and be the hands and feet of the bride and groom. Not only does it make the day go smoother, but I believe it’s such an honor to be able to stand in someone’s wedding and support and celebrate them throughout their journey from engagement to marriage. 

Sunset Photos: One thing I can touch on is how fun and great sunset photos are. Some people may be familiar with these photos and how during most weddings we will pull the bride and groom for about 20-30 minutes during the reception to get those golden formal sunset photos of the bride and groom (weather permitting). Not only do you get some amazing photos from this, butttttttttt as many of my couples say “Wow, I can’t believe I’m excited to step away for a minute and take a breather and be with my bride (or groom)” 

Wedding days are soooo much fun, they can also take a lot out of you and taking some time to step away from the party to be alone (and with the photographers, cause we are awesome ;) lol is much needed. I highly encourage people to incorporate 30 minutes into your wedding timeline to be able to get these photos in. I like to shoot for about an hour to forty-five minutes before sunset (if wedding goes into the evening).

Check out some shots of the photos from the Shevch wedding!