Ben & Kenzie Engagement

I am typing this sitting in bed, next to my adorable kitty cat. Happy Friday!

I spent all morning, and when I say all morning I mean 5 HOURS, at a coffeeshop editing my little fingers away! Last night I got the opportunity to photograph Ben & Kenzie’s precious engagement photos! Though the wind was super strong, I was happily surprised with the outcome of the photos!

I found a mountain off the highway in the distance and knew instantly that is where I wanted to take their photos. Tip for making sure your photos turn out the way you want, communicate with your photographer. We really do want you to love your photos and want your input! I am a firm believer, in all areas, that it is better to over communicate than under communicate.

Kenzie didn’t have an exact location on where she wanted their photos taken, BUT she did do a great job on helping me understand her vision for the photos. She knew she wanted mountains in her photos, during golden hour and in the Reno area. This helps me so much! We texted back and forth like 50 times on outfit choices and what would look best. I am so happy we did that too because their outfits were….amazing and I even got her to wear a hat that she wasn’t sure about, but totally ROCKED IT!

Ben and Kenzie are getting married in mid October and I am so excited for that special day. Their love is genuine, silly and admirable! Thanks for bringing me Starbucks and baring with me in the high 50 degree weather, I would totally do it all over again, until your wedding day. Cheers!

Check out some of the pics below!