Date Weekends


Date nights are so important for every relationship. Taking time for the two of you to catch up one on one away from the busy routine of life. Being married now, we get to spend much more time together at home, but I always look forward to our date weekend trips!

I saw this relationship post on social media somewhere and it talked about “Never Stop Dating Your Significant Other” I took time to read it because I feel like Colton and I are super great about going out on dates, even in our busy seasons, but was wondering what this post could possibly add you our relationship. I posted a screenshot below, but it talked about sticking to your 2’s.

  • Every 2 weeks, go out for the evening.

  • Every 2 months, go our for the weekend.

  • Every 2 years, go out for a week.

I shared this with Colton and thought this is something we should try and stick to! I love the idea of being intentional even if the world thinks it may be too sappy and overrated. It has been working for us wonderfully and I believe making your partner a priority in life is so key. We always leave our date nights and trips feeling ever so in love and filled up. Going on trips don’t always have to be jammed packed with big excursions and fancy dinners, sometimes just sitting together over coffee or dinner and telling each other what’s on your mind and taking a break to relax is just as fun.

Here are a few pictures we snapped from our weekend trip to Roseville, CA. We are lucky to live in Reno, there are so many places we can drive a few hours to and enjoy ourselves! :D

Thanks for reading, friends!

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