Desert Backyard Wedding


Jesse and Krysten have been dating over six years and seeing them become one as husband and wife brought tears and joy to every person sitting at their ceremony. They got married in the backyard of the house Krysten’s dad built years ago. There is something so special and intimate about backyard weddings. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Krueger!


Handcock Wedding

Huge congratulations to the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Handcock! Celebrating with them, this was my 3rd wedding of the year! I was so excited and it was so awesome to see those two and their wedding party be ever so cheerful and overjoyed for their marriage! We encountered some super windy dust storms and cold weather because the sun was taking a nap somewhere, but they continued to dance, sing and get the crowd on the dance floor. Those are the best weddings, realizing life and even wedding days are what you make them. Big shout out to wedding parties who are encouraging and uplifting you are the real MVPs and we appreciate them when we see them!

Cheers to warmer weather soon!

Eric & Heather Engagement

Every couple is so unique. The way they show love, the chemistry they share and how they pose in front of a camera!!! :P

But guess what… I love it. I never hold a standard to the couples that get in front of my camera. I never want people to feel they have to be something they’re not.

This week I got to document Eric & Heather’s love on a mountain top in Verdi, NV. Eric and Heather currently do a long distance relationship but if you would see them together you wouldn’t guess so! Eric lives in Fallon, NV and Heather is living in the bay area. Here is some of the cute magic I was able to capture!

~ Eric & Heather can’t wait to photograph your beautiful winter wedding this year! ~

Ben & Kenzie Engagement

I am typing this sitting in bed, next to my adorable kitty cat. Happy Friday!

I spent all morning, and when I say all morning I mean 5 HOURS, at a coffeeshop editing my little fingers away! Last night I got the opportunity to photograph Ben & Kenzie’s precious engagement photos! Though the wind was super strong, I was happily surprised with the outcome of the photos!

I found a mountain off the highway in the distance and knew instantly that is where I wanted to take their photos. Tip for making sure your photos turn out the way you want, communicate with your photographer. We really do want you to love your photos and want your input! I am a firm believer, in all areas, that it is better to over communicate than under communicate.

Kenzie didn’t have an exact location on where she wanted their photos taken, BUT she did do a great job on helping me understand her vision for the photos. She knew she wanted mountains in her photos, during golden hour and in the Reno area. This helps me so much! We texted back and forth like 50 times on outfit choices and what would look best. I am so happy we did that too because their outfits were….amazing and I even got her to wear a hat that she wasn’t sure about, but totally ROCKED IT!

Ben and Kenzie are getting married in mid October and I am so excited for that special day. Their love is genuine, silly and admirable! Thanks for bringing me Starbucks and baring with me in the high 50 degree weather, I would totally do it all over again, until your wedding day. Cheers!

Check out some of the pics below!

Portland Styled Shoot


So happy to finally be getting these pretty images on the blog! Last week I went to Portland and partnered with Laura (@LauraPopan) and floral designer, Krista with Fleurie & Co (@Fleurieandco) for this fun styled shoot. Love these shoots where we are strictly going out to have fun and be creative! Creative with designs, color editing, angles, etc.

Krista is new to the floral industry, but not new to having a green thumb. After seeing her work, you can see she is a natural florist! I was beyond impressed when I showed up to pick up the bouquet! Check out her instagram and see all the pretty plants and green life she always has going on in her home. #goals

So beyond happy with how these came out. Not only did my floral dreams come true for this shoot, but everything came together perfectly. I was bummed when I flew in, it was rainy and cloudy (which I partly expected), but the sun totally came through for us that afternoon and though a few raindrops made their way on us, it was perfect shooting weather. Thanks Lord!!

Check out the goods ———v


Portland, Oregon


My quick trip to Portland was so fun! I got the chance to go with the wind and plan my days on a whim. Sometimes spontaneous days are the best days. I came to Portland, Oregon to photograph a styled shoot with a local blogger and florist. It was exciting to see this rainy, wet city with my own eyes after seeing it through pictures for years! Here are some photos I took while visiting.

Fun places I got to enjoy:

Coco Donuts (1808 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201) - Yummy donuts and lattes!

Seven Virtues Coffee Roasters at the Zipper (2737 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97202) - Yummy wake you up macchiato!

Thai Peacock Restaurant (219 SW 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97205)

Kure (they are everywhere all over the city) - Yummy health food and juices (vegan friendly)

Power Station Pub (2126 SW Halsey St, Troutdale, OR 97060) - Great burgers and bar. Had dinner here after our shoot and it was so warm and cozy. The waitresses were so sweet and a nice place to just relax and unwind from the day! Would come back here!

Be sure to check out my other blog post with the finished product of our shoot!




Valentine's Day W/ My Guy

^ Colton letting me be   me   and setting up a “picture perfect” post for Valentine’s Day. hehe.

^ Colton letting me be me and setting up a “picture perfect” post for Valentine’s Day. hehe.

Happy LOVE day, the day where people are either excited about another date night out and celebrating their love or those who “hate it” and want the whole world to know it (insert big eye emoji!) Eeeeek. Well… for us it is an extra day where my guy and I get to spoil one another just because and we love it. We find little ways to celebrate one another all the time and I think it is the best thing ever. Why not find every possible way to be extra cheesy for no reason other than to be yourselves and remember the reason you fell in love.

Colton is the sweetest and sent me to the Atlantis Spa all morning until he got off work and then made me the yummiest meal for dinner. His cooking skills are pretty spectacular! I’m a lucky girl that he enjoys making me dinner and throws in my favorite flavors and dishes!

Colton and I have been married for 10 months this February and marriage is like THE BEST THING EVER! I love you babe.

P.S. Thanks for dinner.



"We love because he first loved us. "

1 John 4:19


Snow on your doorstep


Hello friends,

Happy Sunday… if you look outside you might be surprised to find massive amount of snow at your doorstep. Many times you will find me complaining about the snow, but Colton is quick to remind me of the beauty it brings and all the benefits to the Earth (oh bless his sweet heart).

We have gone out a few times in the middle of the night and just stood and took in the silent snow falling from the sky. I think little things like that is cute and it’s even cuter when he recommends doing things like that :p

Well this morning when we were getting ready I had the genius idea of going outside and taking photos with my guy, so we made a latte and then made some cute-ness in the snow. The results are below >.<


Thanks babe for being my best friend, you truly make life more fun!